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Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery… walk in with your eyes open

Over 100,000 people have their eyes corrected by laser surgery each year in the UK whereas 3.4 million people where contact lenses in the UK and there are around 20 million spectacle wearers. So why the disparity and is laser treatment right for you.

Laser treatment is an invasive treatment that does not suit every eye or every level of long or short sightedness, it is also reasonably expensive when compared to specs or contacts and it does carry a small number of serious risks as well as a smaller but significant number of failures. There are also the unknown risks of what corneal surgery might do in later life when the ageing eye will need more surgery for cataracts for example.

OK most of those reasons do not put off the 100,000 presenting patients for surgery each year, nor for that matter the 20,000 or so that are selectively denied surgery because they do no fit the perfect stereotype for a successful patient.

So this article intends to balance the risks, expose some myths and provide more facts that will help you decide to seek advice from a reputable practitioner.

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