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NHS England is now providing through local and regional CCGs many free community enhanced services. As they occur in different areas we will highlight the types of services contracted through Local Optical Committees and which practitioners have been accredited to provide these services where they exist.

Click here to read about Community Enhanced Services and how they can help you if you have a special eye care need.

You can also search for individual optical practices stocking National & International brands of eye wear and contact lens products as well as stores that accept MylocalOptician money off vouchers

Visited your opticians lately? Then join others in rating & reviewing your optician’s service to help build a Quality star rating across the country. Unable to get to an opticians? You can also search lower on the page for opticians who provide home testing services.

Home Visiting Opticians

This section allows you to find your local home visiting optician otherwise known as domiciliary. Domiciliary visits are only available on the NHS if the patient is unable to visit a community optometrist unaccompanied. They are not available to those who could get to an optometric practice but like the convenience of being tested at home. For more information on home visits click here.