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Let us know your experiences in the vision care sector….good or bad
Yes we really would like to know how you feel about the services and products you have been offered, received and used. We will make sure the professionals here about your views and where possible get their responses to them.

This site is visited by thousands of members of the public each week and it is your chance to praise or raise issues that have affected or affect you and your family.

You can write about any general view, question or call for help in our general forum and your questions may well be answered on the forum. Click here

You can praise good service or tell us about fantastic specs, frames and lenses or your experiences with contact lenses and laser surgery. Help us improve an already admired service by giving feedback.

Comment on our site at the bottom of this page.

We have two poll surveys which take just a minute to complete but will keep Opticians on their toes with your help.

Rate your Optician -Yes every time you have a full eye examination let us know how greatly (or not) you appreciated the experience. Click here

Why Do you chose your Optician? - Opticians want to know what makes you decide on one practice over another, so give them a hand and complete this quick poll. Click here

In order to enter comments and post your views you will need to register under a name of your choice and provide an email address. Completing surveys does not need registration or a login.

Registering with us will also if agreed by you provide an ongoing news update on the latest fashions and technology once a month unless a more urgent newsflash is in your interest on health care or scare issues. Register now


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