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NHS Entitlements

NHS Entitlements

In England and Northern Ireland, and Wales

A sight examination is paid for by the NHS for everyone 60 years and over, those whose close relatives have been diagnosed as having glaucoma, all children under 16, or under 19 if attending full time education. Those receiving income support, job seekers allowance and tax credits etc., assessed benefits on a valid HC2 or HC3 certificate. Those suffering from diabetes or glaucoma. The registered blind or partially sighted and those issued with complex lens vouchers. How often you can have a sight test that is paid for by the NHS will vary due to any conditions that you have.

Should a prescription be necessary benefit claimants and HC holders, Children and those needing complex lenses will be given a voucher to help towards the cost of spectacles or contact lenses.



All sight tests are free for those living in Scotland. The voucher system is the same as in England.

Voucher values

These are set each year reflecting the complexity of the lens power and design. Approximately two thirds of opticians stock a range of spectacles that are covered by the lowest voucher value but many patients decide to contribute more adding to the voucher value to enable them to choose a higher quality frame and/or lens type.


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