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Birdshot Uveitis Society

The Birdshot Uveitis Society (BUS)

Registered charity number 1145349

The Birdshot Uveitis Society (BUS) is a registered charity that offers support and practical advice and aims to educate the general public and health professionals about this rare, hard to treat, autoimmune, potentially blinding form of posterior uveitis.

Birdshot Uveitis is known by a number of names including:

Birdshot Chorioretinopathy,
Birdshot Retinochoroidopathy,

The aims of the Birdshot Uveitis Society are to:

Support people diagnosed with Birdshot Uveitis and their friends and family members.

Provide information for healthcare professionals and patients.

Raise awareness of Birdshot Uveitis.

Raise funds to enable us to expand our support network and information base and to undertake research, where appropriate.

You can contact the Society by:

Contact: Annie Folkard, Charity Founder


PO Box 64996 London
SW20 2BL

Tel: 0845 605 1195



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