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Silhouette Titan Minimal Art

Silhouette promises “Limitless moments of joy” with its new frame range

Titan Minimal Art

July 2010

Titan Minimal Art is clearly the eyewear of revolution: That was just as clear when it was developed and launched in 1999 as it was when it flew into outer space for the first time in 2000.

Silhouette TitanIn 2001, it caused uproar on the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York and London; in 2004 came its breakthrough in Cannes. Mary Greenwell turned it into the icon for rimless aesthetics in 2008, and it celebrated its ten year anniversary in 2009 with Nadja Auermann and Nick Knight.

It’ll be difficult to find eyewear which has as many stories to tell as Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art. There are more than 8 million stories of satisfied wearers who value the ability to discover the world without boundaries or worries, without frames, hinges or screws. From fashionable must-have to design classic and an icon of good taste, it continues to be noted and adored.

Discovering new perspectives

The photographer Neil Kirk, who has worked on various issues of VOGUE and for the giants of the fashion world, accepted the challenge of taking the fine purism of our rimless eyewear icon and turning it into exciting zest for life.

Alex Watson Silhouette Titan Minimal ArtBe it the new wrap-around design – which remains very close and streamlined to the wearer’s face – or a classic style, every moment experienced with Titan Minimal Art is a moment of well being, of comfort, of joy.

Each pair is individually tailored to meet its wearer’s personality, such that every moment is full of freedom and uniqueness.

The gap between generations exists in theory only, for Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art adjusts to every wearer’s face.

Alex Watson, who is youngest member among the models for Titan Minimal Art’s current campaign and was looking through a pair of glasses for the first time at a shooting, enjoyed not only having a day off from school – as he himself emphasised – but was also impressed by the new perspective offered by Titan Minimal Art.

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