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Hoya Releases New Photochromic Lens

Hoya releases new photochromic lens

April 2011

Suntech Intense, Hoya’s latest generation photochromic lens, and celebrated as being “exceptionally clear indoors, turning rapidly into a dark, intense, colour outdoors” is available in a wide choice of Hoya lens materials across the iD FreeForm, TrueForm, conventional and single vision lens designs.

Turning darker, and becoming clearer than Suntech 2.00, the new Suntech Intense is available in Eynoa 1.67, Eyas 1.60, Pnx 1.53 and CR39 1.50.  Available in warm brown or cool grey, with 100% UVA and UVB protection, it is available across a much wider range than ever before.

“Consumers are aware of the dangers of long term UV exposure and see friends enjoying the benefits of prescription sunglasses and photochromics which makes them receptive to the dispenser’s suggestion of this excellent option for active lifestyles,” said Steve Roberts, FBDO, Hoya Lens Product Manager.

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