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Bambooka Polarized Sunglasses

Bambooka is rolling up it's sleeves to make sure we provide the best possible options for sunglass wearers everywhere

August 2013

After spending time making sure their products are of high quality and standards, Bambooka have pushed the door a little bit more and brought out polarized versions of their sunglasses,

What does polarized lenses mean?

In a nutshell (or a bamboo shoot) polarized simply means you get less glare from the sun reflections than you would a normal pair of lenses. Glare is light reflecting off a shiny surface like car windscreen, water, asphalt road etc. With non polarized lenses all light is filtered out, both beneficial (vertical light) and non-beneficial (horizontal). Polarized lenses lets in the vertical light that's we are used to seeing with and dampens the horizontal light which is not good for us.

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