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New Colormatic IQ Sun Lenses

Sunny days with Rodenstock – as they announce new Colormatic IQ® sun lenses

May 2014

Rodenstock is helping us all get ready for summer with the launch of some stunning new lens options.
The Rodenstock ColorMatic IQ® portfolio has been improved with the introduction of a new range of self-tinting lenses which provide the ideal intelligent sunglass solution.

Available in six attractive shades, with a base tint of 40% or 55%, these new sun lenses adapt at the speed of lightning to all light conditions, darkening continuously up to 90%. ColorMatic IQ® Sun Fashion options for trendsetters and the fashion conscious – Fashion Grey, Fashion Green and Fashion Brown. ColorMatic IQ® Sun Contrast options for sports fans and outdoor types – Contrast Orange, Contrast Green and Contrast Brown.

Debbie Bathgate, Rodenstock’s Lens Product Manager, says: “Our annual ColorMatic IQ® product ranges have always been eagerly anticipated and this year we’ve made it extra special by including the new ColorMatic IQ® Sun lenses and incorporating polarised lens options too.”

“We want to give our customers everything they could possibly need to wear the best sun protection for 2014.”

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