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Natural Cameo Collection

Take It On the Rocks! Okia Introduces The "Natural Cameo Collections"

July 2014

Timeless yet modern: here comes “Natural Cameo” by OKIA, a surprising new collection inspired by the pureness of natural rocks and stones.

Natural Cameo OkiaA stylish stone age with marbleized prints is carving out a chic space among the season's hottest trends: from clothes to jewellery to technologic items, many design objects are conceived based on the beauty and sophistication of fine rocks.

That is why OKIA has decided to place its patented HDA® Technology at the service of this popular concept. The new collection’s frames feature patterns and colours that evoke the splendour, grace and classical aesthetic of stones such as marble. Each style is completed by a matte or shiny finishing that makes it extremely charming.

A marvellous compromise between minimalism and explosive prints from this season, “Natural Cameo” will turn rocks’ coldness in warm creations, giving a romantic shine to your style and expressing a unique blend between fashion, design and nature.

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