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Adlens Adjustable Focus Eyewear

Adlens technology provides adjustable focus eyewear for those with busy lives and need different focus lengths in the jobs and leisure they undertake

Macrh 2015

Adlens®, is the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear, unveils its newest Instant Eyewear range, Adlens John LennonTM. With this new sunwear line, the company continues its tradition of exploring the rock star’s social, musical and cultural identity as expressed through his iconic eyewear style.

The new collection features rectangular lenses, rather than round, modelled after John Lennon’s eyewear choice in a 1966 video filmed in the UK’s famous London-based Chiswick Gardens.  Sleek angular temple arms featuring John Lennon’s trademark signature have been designed for both impact and comfort. A choice of Gold, Silver and Pewter black frames in a metallic finish give a range of subtle options for the wearer, complementing a variety of outfit choices.

The rectangular frames also feature Adlens’ award-winning Alvarez lens technology. Wave-shaped plates glide across each other at the turn of a dial, changing the focus power level and enabling the wearer to continually adjust to their surroundings. Adlens John Lennon also comes in a unique gift package highlighting the artist’s image, including a custom guitar pick and a booklet detailing the creative thought behind the design.

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