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Few children given correct eye protection in sport

Relatively few Children are given the correct eye protection in sport

5th June 2009

In a recent article published in the States, Kristi Runyon, the author reports that there are more than 100,000 sports related eye injuries in the U.S. each year and as many as 90% of them could be prevented with protective eyewear.

Each year, 42,000 sports-related eye injuries in the United States require a trip to the emergency room (A & E)  - that’s one serious eye injury every thirteen minutes!   An eye injury is the leading cause of vision loss in one eye and 27 percent of these injuries occur while playing sports. The good news is 90 percent of these eye injuries are preventable if sports enthusiasts and those involved in contact supports talk the available and cheap measures..

A survey by The Vision Council in the USA revealed that nearly nine in 10 people believe children should regularly wear protective eyewear when playing sports, yet the National Eye Institute reports that less than 15 percent of children wear protection during “hazardous” sports activities. Of course, nothing can prevent all sports-related eye injuries. But simply making sports protective eyewear a part of athletic uniforms can significantly reduce the likelihood of potentially sight damaging injuries. Anyone participating in the following sports and activities should wear protective eyewear:

The most common sports causing eye injuries were:

baseball or softball, racquetball, tennis, badminton, soccer, American football, ice hockey or street hockey, basketball, lacrosse, archery, fencing, boxing, karate, and any other activity that uses a ball or racket or involves rough contact with other players, or requires travel at high speed.

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