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Ready Reader Contact Lenses

Safegel Lectura -The World’s First ‘Ready Reader’ contact lenses

No7 Contact Lenses the UK supplier of Safegel contact lenses is expanding the range in September with a single use ‘Ready Reader’ contact lens designed especially for occasional use.  The product has no distance power, just a reading add, which is ideal for presbyopes (those who need reading specs alone) who really do not want to wear readers or half eyes. The lenses come in packs of 10 and have a light and medium reading add.

Lectura Counter DisplayThe product incorporates many of the qualities of Safegel range of lenses, which currently consist of a daily, 2-weekly and daily toric (for those with astigmatism).  The lenses are the only ones patented to incorporate sodium hyaluronate (HA) into the actual lens material.  HA has powerful moisturising properties and has long been used in leading eye drops and premium cosmetics.  The molecule attracts up to 3000 times its own weight in water and effectively works at body temperature where it liquefies and is released from the lens matrix into the natural tears with every blink of the eye. Not only is this important in a contact lens as it helps manage discomfort due to dryness it’s also an added benefit for ageing eyes which are even more prone to dryness.  In a recent independent UK study conducted by No7 Contact Lenses, two out of three wearers rated their end of day comfort as better than their previous one day lenses with an average increased wearing time of two hours per day compared to previous lenses.

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