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Who's reading what on the site

Who’s reading what on Mylocaloptician?

6th September 2009

As 12,200 visitors reached Mylo last month we have analysed what they have read and searched for and the results show:

51% of all visitors wanted to search for a local optician in their PCT

Top 8 named 7ptical practices + open searches in PCTs  (6263) 

My Local Optician -general search without name (5489) 
My Local Optician - Scrivens inc. MW and RB  
My Local Optician - Conlons Opticians   
My Local Optician - Norville Opticians   
My Local Optician - David Kear Opticians  
My Local Optician - Eye Check   
My Local Optician - Eric Batemans Opticians  
My Local Optician - Stephen Hing Opticians  
Top 10 PCT areas with a total of 1296 patients searching 
Find My Local Optician in West Kent Opticians
Find My Local Optician in Leeds Opticians
Find My Local Optician in Liverpool Opticians
Find My Local Optician in Trafford Opticians
Find My Local Optician in Leicester City Opticians
Find My Local Optician in Redbridge Opticians
Find My Local Optician in Cumbria Opticians
Find My Local Optician in Westminster Opticians
In all patients searched in 178 PCT areas listed in August 
49% of all visitors came to find out about eyewear and eyecare
Our most well read news items were   

Virtual Mirror   
Lady Gaga Wears Jeremy Scott Sunglasses
Silhouette Colorama  
Horn is back   
Laura Ashley and Bebe Frames 
Silhouette Class   
Zoobug Nominated for Award  
Linda Farrow Gallery  
Titan Minimal Art range re-launched 
Few children given correct eye protection in sport
Our most read eyecare pages were   

Home Visits for Eye Tests  
How Often Should I Visit the Optician? 
Advanced Retinal Examination  
Have your say   
NHS Entitlements   
Eye Care in the UK   
Enhanced Eye Examinations  
Private Charges & Payment Plans 
Contact Lenses   
VDU Legislation   
Laser Eye Surgery   
Simple Eye Conditions  
Vision Related Learning Difficulties 
Sports Vision   
Children’s Vision and Development 
Our most visited eyewear stories were   

Offers and Vouchers  
Frame Tips for Face Shapes  
Silhouette Frames   
Eye Wear   
My Local Optician Voucher  
Products & services  
New children’s sunglass range  
Norville Frames   
Glasses Insurance   
Looking Good (our new fashion page) 
Porsche Ready Readers  
British Children's Eyewear label in Sunday Times
Norville Lenses   
Norville Sports Wear  

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