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World Sight Day

World sight day

October 2009

This years World Sight Day received tremendous coverage around the world with many participating professionals and a concerted effort by the many vision charities.  Not least was “Seeing is Believing” a global initiative to help tackle avoidable blindness, which was heavily reported on the BBC health pages where  is proud to have one of the few links on these pages.

“Seeing is Believing” is collaboration between Standard Chartered Bank and the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) raising money and give practical support to prevent and treat avoidable blindness.

Every dollar raised is matched by Standard Chartered Bank – doubling impact on the ground.
So far, they have raised over US$17 million and helped more than two million people regain their sight.

By 2014, they aim to have reached 32 million people through their projects.

As was highlighted very well on the pages, every five seconds, someone, somewhere in the world goes blind. Every minute, one more child goes blind – and 60% of these children will die within a year.`There are up to 45 million of people already blind across the world. Without effective intervention, this is set to rise to 76 million by 2020.

More than 90% are in the developing world and deprived urban areas. The issue goes beyond health – it affects the livelihoods of individuals and the economic well-being of communities.

But 80% of blindness can be prevented or treated.

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