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Rimless Aesthetic Design Award

Silhouette launches “The Rimless Aesthetic Design Award”

October 2009

Silhouette, one of the world’s leading eyewear companies and the only eyewear brand dedicated exclusively to the aesthetics of rimless eyewear, has launched The Rimless Aesthetic Design Award, an international competition in which dispensing opticians and optometrists are invited to conceive unique, creative, and harmonious eyewear designs for their customers that champion a rimless design ethic and highlight their customers’ individuality.

Rimless Aesthetic AwardSilhouette Partners, who involve professionals from all over the world are being called upon to submit their best creations to the Silhouette organization in their respective countries in order to participate in the competition dubbed “Silhouette à la Carte“. Each organization will nominate a jury for selecting three national winners, who, in turn, will be able to participate in an international competition, as well as in an international award ceremony held in Milan on the occasion of MIDO 2010.   

“We have wonderful partners all over the world who master the art of designing rimless eyewear and convert each pair into a masterpiece of individuality,“ Arnold Schmied, the Co-owner and Director of Silhouette International, commented on the first Rimless Aesthetic Design Award initiative. “We would like to now open up the stage to our Silhouette partners to display their craftsmanship, but, in particular, their power of empathy. “  

Every Silhouette partner may submit as many rimless designs as it would like. Possibilities for entries are endless, since the task is simply to create a rimless lens shape that complements the face in a manner that competently highlights the personality of the wearer. The choice of the design, as the disc form and colour, and all other creative details, are left to the discretion of the optician, who has full creative freedom on how best to harmonize the rimless design with the face. 

Submissions for the new competition will be accepted from October 2009 through to December 24, 2009. To qualify for entry each submission for “Silhouette à la Carte“must be made to the respective national organization in the form of an image or photograph of a model wearing the rimless design.

Based on the criteria of creativity, craftsmanship, and harmony, the national jury will select three national champions, whose creations will be granted admission to the international competition and who will have a chance at winning the desired titled of “Silhouette Design Award Winner 2009.“ The winner of which will be announced at MIDO, March 2010 in Milan.

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