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Visit to optician saves wedding day

How a visit to the optician saved a wedding day

August 2010

A branch of the independent Norville Opticians chain of practices saved the wedding day of one of its patients following problems she was having with her vision just a few days before she was due to get married.

Optician saves wedding daySusie Attwood of Churchill Drive, Cheltenham (or Susie Curtis as she was then) started to feel unwell with painful eyes and a loss of balance. She had to stop wearing her current glasses, give up driving and became housebound. With her wedding day just a couple of months away she was concerned that it would either have to be cancelled or at least postponed.

After paying a visit to the Bishops Cleeve branch of Norville Opticians where she has been a patient for around twelve years and after a number of visits and a series of tests it was determined that there had been a small change in her eyesight which for some reason was upsetting her sense of balance. Some new spectacles were prescribed which eventually resolved the problem just a few days before she was due to get married.

Mrs Attwood said: “The problem started slowly and then worsened. It was very frightening. For a short while we wondered if I had Glaucoma but eventually after several visits to the optician it was determined that a new pair of varifocals should help. It took some time for my eyes to settle down, for me to regain my balance and for me to adjust to my new spectacles. I didn’t start feeling normal again until about a week or ten days before our wedding which as you can imagine was a huge relief. My new husband works with deaf/blind people and I was concerned that he might end up living with one!

She added: “So many people fail to realise what a gift your eyesight is and don’t take proper care of it. I am so grateful for the personal service I have received.”

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