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Vision for the Elderly Campaign

PHN announces first public education campaign in January for “Better Vision for the Elderly”

November 2010

PHN the publisher of this site appeared before a well attended Optical Confederation Domiciliary Meeting in London last week Directors.  Both Hutchinson and Greenwood, Directors of Primary Health Net Ltd, provided a presentation about the January and February Campaign to improve Vision in the Elderly.

Explaining how each month over 20,000 members of the public visit of which 2/3rd are searching for optical practices in their area, the rest looking for solutions to their eyewear and eyecare queries, it was demonstrated how the campaign will be used to encourage the public to assist in changing the lives of many elderly people who are not taking the chance to have a free eye examination.

The campaign elements are to explain the value of better eye sight to the elderly, in allowing a greater ability to continue much loved hobbies, reading and TV as well as maintaining better health by reducing falls and keeping one’s minds active in later life. Boredom through lack of visual activity creates institutionalism and many suffer in silence not knowing whets available to them.

This lack of knowledge and concern by close family, friends and neighbours risks increasing the 3 million or so suffering from partial sight who could be helped.

So the message will take up the “Big Society theme” of intervention of those who know and can help, the friend, the parent and the grandchild, all have a role to play in helping and encouraging those who have not been examined for over two years to either get to an opticians or arrange a home visits.

And this is where YOUR public site can play a significant role by spelling out the problem and the action required and then, as it does provide through its National database listing provide the local practice contact information.   With the help of the large domiciliary companies we hope to provide ready for the campaign contact information identified by searching under a domiciliary/home visit heading a separate category for all those in each current PCT area who are registered to provide such a service, large or small.

We need your support and assistance as members of the public to raise the profile of the campaign, we are thinking particularly about information that could be downloaded by schools where children could be encouraged to find out whether their older relatives have had an eye examination within the last two years. During December we will provide a leaflet in PDF form which can be downloaded by anyone with an interest in better Vision for the elderly.  We will also create a special forum where you can tell us stories about the efforts you as individuals or groups are gearing up to do both before and during the campaign.   We will also provide a simple survey for schools to enter data on what each class has identified in the number of people going without vitals tests.

Finally if anyone out there can help by suggesting more ways to get the message out to carers, parents and friends and neighbours we would love to hear from you on our forum.

Watch this space for our campaign leaflet.

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