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Vision Aid Overseas to Gain Higher Power Lenses

Vision Aid Overseas to gain higher power lenses from UK recycling scheme

December 2010

Lenses which might have been scrapped within the lab process can now be put to good use thanks to a clever new utility frame, the VAO Star.

Vision Aid Overseas Star FrameFacilitated by long-term Vision Aid Overseas supporter, Frank Norville, the VAO Star frame has an identical left and right eye shape, which allows any lenses to be interchanged and even fitted either way up, thereby minimising the number of stock items needed to fulfil finished prescription spectacles by 50%.

Vision Aid Overseas will be running a field pilot project with the Star frames in one of its programmes to determine their suitability for use in international development work.  As Frank explained –

“This is a great Green story for UK optical labs: we are urging them to retain lenses that might otherwise be discarded, particularly of higher powers.  The new Star frame design will allow them to be fitted for either left or right eyes.   FMO members have long considered how they might provide the more complex and higher powers to assist VAO’s overseas dispensing programme and the new frame should be the neat solution to provide access to complex prescriptions during its community outreach services.”

VAO has a free delivery service generously provided by DX to the charity’s headquarters in Crawley which allows labs to transfer lenses.

“This is a revolutionary idea and a highly commendable Green initiative on behalf of FMO Members. We are hoping for a successful pilot project that will provide a new source of glasses for use on VAO programmes,” said Suzy Lamont, VAO Programme Director.

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