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Frame Sellers and Dispensers Featured in Rip Off B

Frame Sellers and Dispensers Featured in Rip off Britain

December 2010

The question was asked in the new BBC programme broadcast in the mornings called Rip Off Britain, do we get value for money when buying glasses? Or are we paying through the nose?

Many people interviewed agreed that frames and special lenses were great but expensive.  They were then informed that a fellow interviewee well known to Optics, Dean Butler, ex CEO of Vision Express that a decent pair of spectacles  should cost no more than between £50-100 assuming they are not designer branded. He also insisted that most lenses were not complicated and cost the laboratories only 25 pence!

He concluded that a good mark up for the dispenser was possible allowing the market to charge 40% less than at present as he insisted he did when opening Vision Express. He continued to add that Hi Index thin lenses should cost the optician no more than £10 a pair.

The programme provided a throwaway line on accepting that the optician has fixed overheads but did not elaborate on what they included.

Specsavers gave a response by insisting that their prices were not unfair with specs starting from £25.
The programme then went on to consider whether buying on line would be a better option using an example of a customer buying from “Exclusive Eyes”. The customer was dissatisfied with the 14 day wait for delivery when 3 days was promised. He then did not consider the quality of the frame acceptable and according to him had a very difficult time in getting a full refund, which is apparently advertised.

Here is a link to the programme.  Don’t attempt while eating food, you might choke!

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