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Eyecare Information Leaflets

Learn about eye problems from the Professions new informative leaflets

August 2011

As part of the College of Optometry’s ongoing work to raise the profile of eye health and ensure that the public see optometrists as their first port of call if they have a problem with their eyes, the College are piloting a new series of patient information leaflets. 

Flashes and Floaters LeafletThe College is the examining body for all Optometrists and most elect to continue membership throughout their career.
The leaflets are designed to support College member optometrists by helping them  provide practical advice and guidance to their patients.  The leaflets will help patients understand the problems they encounter and help them act on the information provided to them during the  consultation. You can also read or downloaded them online. At:

The leaflets cover flashes and floaters, cataract, Age Related Macular Degeneration and blepharitis/eye lid conditions, as these were the most requested topics.

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