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Mee Healthcare Enters Primary Care and Optometry

A new entry into high street optics with an accent on healthcare

January 2012

See Mee

News broke this week, embargoed until today (13th January), of a new entrant on the primary care landscape, including an optical dimension. The company, Mee Healthcare plans to open in locations with proven footfall, and where quality clinically motivated staff present themselves.

Mee Healthcare centres will provide a range of primary care services dependent on the needs of the population in each area.  In some centres this will mean professionals from optometry, audiology, dentistry, GP services, and nursing will be working under the same roof.

Gail Lese, Mee HealthcareDr Gail Lese, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mee Healthcare announced the development of integrated healthcare clinics across the UK in the forthcoming years. The multi-million pound development is to be funded by the Allele Fund, of which Dr Lese (Doctor of Medicine) is the founder member.

Dr Lese commented, “It is a tremendous honour and pleasure to work to make sure that every person has access to high quality and affordable healthcare.  As a medical doctor, I have worked to help make sure that integrated healthcare, with an emphasis on high quality care provision and prevention, customer service, convenient locations and opening hours are available.”

 The initial opening is expected in March in Leeds and in the following months plans are being consolidated for centres in Cambridgeshire, and in the shopping centre at the Stratford Olympic village.  Other towns in the early roll out are highlighted on the Mee Careers page to be found on the PHN recruitment page.

Lyn Price, Mee HealthcareThe Mee Healthcare board is chaired by Dr Lese and will consist of a number of industry leading professionals, including:  Peter Price-Taylor as Development Chief Operating Officer, Bob Hutchinson Chief Business Development Officer, and Lyn Price as Chief Clinical Officer and Clinical Director.  Ms Price will also be the Director for Clinical Studies on the See Mee Board.

Mee Healthcare aim to provide the multi-disciplinary healthcare centres, in convenient locations where access is easy with extended business hours for client convenience, and where the majority visit regularly for shopping.

 The first centres have completed the design stage and the procurement of the best possible, state of the art equipment for all professionals along with paperless practice IT technology; thereby enhancing patient care and quality. 

Dr Lese continued, “This is a unique opportunity for the very best professionals to work collaboratively amongst the professions to serve the public”. 

Peter Price-Taylor, Mee HealthcarePrice- Taylor complimented Dr Lese on her determination to make a difference in health care in the UK with NHS and Private healthcare provided under one roof for the convenience of many. “I am confident that within a short time many professionals will be looking at the Mee Healthcare approach to Primary Care as the way forward in providing the best all round healthcare quality and service. We will ensure that every possible attention is paid to customers who will be provided with best in class healthcare at every level of the organisation.”

Mee Healthcare says that its unique USP will be in its “whole health” policy with trained staff available to offer advice across the primary care spectrum.

Bob Hutchinson, Mee HealthcareBob Hutchinson in the role of CBDO explained “This is one of the most exciting projects I have been asked to undertake in the 35 years of a very busy and successful career in Optics. Those who have known me during my business and optical political life will be aware of my passion for improved detection and better outcomes in optics backed by a quality provision of exciting eye wear to entice the public to take greater care of their sight. Encouraging professionals to relate to each other’s roles, cross refer and take on additional services will be made much easier under one roof. Primary Care under the new NHS needs an innovative investment like Mee Healthcare to raise recognition of the importance of eyecare. This is not the first integrated service in the UK and I am sure many more will follow Mee Healthcare’s lead in the future.“

Mee Healthcare intends to significantly invest in its staff and its staff training programme for the assurance of high quality care provision to clients and the professionals’ development.  A significant component of the Mee healthcare platform is the emphasis on professional training and development.  Plans are already in progress to provide appropriate and quality training to all the professional roles needed to provide an integrated service to the public in a suitable model environment.  Mee promises to equip every centre to the very best standard currently available to allow quality referrals between the professions where possible within the centres and is looking for staff that has a clinical bias and want to make a difference to healthcare uptake in the future.

Mee healthcare information will shortly be available under "Health Centres" in our suppliers guide with further links to their website.

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