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Gloucestershire Eye Therapy Trust Buys 2 OCTs

Gloucestershire Eye Therapy Trust (GETT) buys two OCTs

April 2012

Thanks to the generosity of Friends and local people GETT have been able to purchase two Topcon OCT-2000 50K 3D Scanner machines  at a cost of £86,450.00. These machines are for use in Gloucester and Cheltenham and Professor Scanlon reports on their importance.

The high-tech scanner, which produces a detailed 3D image of the back of the eye, has pride of place in both Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General hospitals thanks to Gloucestershire Eye Therapy Trust (GETT) providing nearly £90,000.

Dr Peter Scanlon, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Gloucestershire Eye Unit tells the story since 2007, when a new laser came on the market that showed the potential to cause much less discomfort for patients than previous lasers and to be much quicker to use.

He says” I was allowed by the company to have a machine for 2 weeks and many patients who I had treated for years commented on how much more comfortable it was than their previous experiences. The Gloucestershire Eye Therapy Trust purchased this laser for the Gloucestershire patients.
 I was one of the first consultants in the country to have use of this type of laser machine and this has been true for myself and my colleagues on many occasions over the years that we have been able to use the most advanced technology because of the hard work of the members of the Gloucestershire Eye Therapy trust and the generous support of their friends and the people of Gloucestershire.
Professor Andy McNaught and I presented at a Gloucestershire Research Seminar last Friday and it was very heartening to hear that, as a department, Ophthalmology was the most well represented of all the Gloucestershire Departments in research and leading edge developments of service delivery. Both Professor McNaught and I commented in our presentations that the support of the Gloucestershire Eye Therapy Trust had been integral to what we had been able to provide in Gloucestershire for our patients.
My latest interest has been in trying to provide technician led clinics using modern optical Coherence Tomography in the assessment and monitoring of patients with diabetic macular oedema. It is an imaging technique that interprets the "time of flight" and intensity of reflected optical waves using interferometry

The Gloucestershire Eye Therapy Trust has agreed to support the development of these clinics by raising £86,450.00 for two of these Topcon OCT-2000 50K 3D Scanner machines, one for us to use at Cheltenham General Hospital, and the other for use at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

"There are about three departments in the country using the machine in this way at this present time for people with diabetes."

The fact they are up and running in their own clinics, outside hospital clinics, means patients can get a scan, and the results, much faster. The machines will be used on about 1,500 patients a year at Cheltenham and Gloucester.”

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