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Annual Visit Rates Released

Primary Health Net releases annual visit rates and top visits for year, for public and professional sites

Professional site shows 25% increase in visitors over year

New features & tools in “Find my Optician” launched this month on public site

Public Site

Highest ranked Optical Education Site in UK (Alexa) and it improved its ranking position by 13% over the last year.

There are over 800 pages on the public site which received 638,000 visitors last year, averaging around 1700 each day.

Almost 600,000 visited the top 500 pages on the site, almost 50,000 members of the public each month gathering information about eyecare and eyewear and searching for optical practices in their area.

43 pages within their top 100 pages are eyecare and eyewear information pages which over the year are visited daily by over 600 members of the public. (See the separate document for complete visit information and top 30 page list)

Over 26,000 people each month searched for opticians practice details in their area. Once again the appetite for information on home visits made the “England Home Visit Opticians” listing the number one search. Opticians providing Home Services not on the list are missing a key marketing opportunity.

The top 30 searched areas, regions and companies are listed in the main document.

Each area within the top 30 based around PCT areas on average received 8000 searches each month.
From this month practices will be able to select from a brand list, any of the frame, lens, contact lens and solution brands they regularly stock.  They will also be able to market any professional specialities they provide. All these indicators plus location details will be searchable by the public from the complete UK practice database.

With the launch of this multi brand selection on the database this month Opticians will have a very cheap method of reaching their local community and those trying the 3 month free trial will find their practice details at the top of the search list viewed by the public.

Practices can register their brands and specialities on line for a free 3 month trial and PHN will charge a one off publication fee to update the details within a week of just £10.

Read the full report on top mylocaloptician and PHN stories stories

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