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Mr Singh's Dream

Mr. Singh’s dream for Optometry Giving Sight

November 2012

Games Maker, popular optometrist and charity fundraiser Mr. Singh has a dream. He wants to help Optometry Giving Sight raise £60,000 by 15 December, by encouraging 6,000 members of the optical industry, as well as friends, family and patients to each donate £10.

Mr Singh, Optometry Giving SightMr. Singh, who has travelled to eye camps in India and parts of Africa on self-funded trips says:

“I know with everyone’s help we are going to make it. My dream is to raise £60,000, anything more would be a miracle. Please make a one-off payment of £10 to help create a miracle.”

Mr. Singh, of Eyes Rite in Harwich, Essex, suffered short-sightedness for four years as a child before his brother helped him buy his first pair of glasses. He has been a keen supporter of the charity for some years, and was inspired to go the extra mile after hearing of Olympic athletes who received eye care at the London 2012 athletes’ village, many of whom were from poor countries with limited eye care. He says:

“This gave me inspiration to raise money for Optometry Giving Sight, to help the underprivileged gain confidence through regaining their sight.”

Optometry Giving Sight funds eye care services in communities where they do not exist, ensuring sustainable, lasting results in three ways: training of local eye care professionals; establishment and support of vision centres and schools of optometry; and delivery of affordable eye care and glasses.

£60,000 is enough to fund the establishment of a vision centre, and one vision centre alone can service up to 50,000 people.

To date, Optometry Giving Sight has provided financial support to 57 projects in 32 countries – all of which are helping to develop Optometry as a profession throughout the world and provide access to affordable vision care services to people in need.

AOP Chairman David Shannon comments:

“We can all dream. I hope Mr Singh realises his. How inspirational to want to give the gift of sight to so many.”

To help Mr. Singh and Optometry Giving Sight, donate at

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