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Patrick Dempsey to Promote Titan Minimal Art

Patrick Dempsey to Promote and Wear Titan Minimal Art Design

March 2013

What started with a vision in 1964 - to create eyewear as an accessory - has grown today to become the leading brand worldwide for lightweight and premium quality eyewear: Silhouette. The most lightweight eyewear in the world is manufactured under this brand in Austria with a love of detail, a high level of craftsmanship, an individual design style, using the very best materials and the latest technologies and exported to 100 countries worldwide. In 1999, Silhouette revolutionised the eyewear market with its innovative 1.8 gramme lightweight, rimless eyewear Titan Minimal Art, without screws or hinges. Silhouette eyewear has been worn by astronauts in space more than 35 times, has also toured the world with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and with a number of greats from the worlds of entertainment, business and politics.

Now the success of Silhouette Worldwide continues with the news that Patrick Dempsey will promote and wear the new Titan Minimal Art design branded “ The Icon” and is to be the new face of Silhouette.

The new design is considered to be “The Icon” among rimless eyewear. Introduced in 1999, the collection was used in outer space, and has been permanently under continued development and now dynamically evolved: Titan Minimal Art with its new design - The Icon.

Patrick DempseyDempsey acts on one of the most popular series in the world, capturing hearts as Dr Derek Shepherd, and wears Titan Minimal Art by Silhouette.

When two icons meet and are photographed by a third icon - Peter Lindbergh - a campaign is created unlike any other.

For Patrick Dempsey, the successful Hollywood actor, design is good "when it is simple and functional, not forcing its way into the foreground." With the presentation of "Titan Minimal Art - The Icon", Silhouette is launching a long-term campaign with the motto "An Icon for an Icon". The theme revolves around icons that symbolically stand for living with innovation and lightness. "Titan Minimal Art - The Icon" and Patrick Dempsey: Both look good, but the latter is considered one of the "sexiest men alive".

"Patrick Dempsey's personality wins us over, and will certainly win over our fans as well. He has great presence without being intrusive, and is consistent in everything he does. So, Patrick Dempsey also embodies what Silhouette and 'Titan Minimal Art - The Icon' stand for, with complete authenticity", says Arnold Schmied, co-owner and Chairman of Silhouette International. As an enthusiastic wearer of spectacles and sunglasses, Patrick Dempsey can now exhibit the compelling advantages of Titan Minimal Art on a daily basis with his own personally tailored pair.

Patrick DempseyPatrick's Lite Moment
Patrick Dempsey has two great passions. One is for fast cars. A successful racing driver himself, he and former football champion Alessandro Del Piero co-own the racing team "Dempsey/Del Piero Racing". He has been practicing the second passion since he was thirteen. He juggles - masterfully.

Patrick Dempsey makes no secret of his soft spots for fast cars and for juggling. One of the special particularities of this campaign is the chance to see Patrick Dempsey in moments of recreation: As a passionate motorist while driving and as a talented juggler. "It's important to us to show Patrick Dempsey in situations in which he is being himself, not playing a role - and, of course, in which he is wearing spectacles or sunglasses", says Christian Hafner, Brand Director Silhouette, announcing a continuation of the campaign with further icons.

Lindbergh captures the grace and harmony of wearing Silhouette
The language of images is natural, credible and authentic. This brings a third icon into the game: Peter Lindbergh is responsible for creating extraordinary imagery. There is no one as successful as him at capturing emotion and intimacy while simultaneously showing strong personalities. "Peter is a legend - not only as a photographer. Working with him was extraordinary and tremendous!", Patrick Dempsey exclaims, showing his excitement for the collaboration with the photographer. Peter Lindbergh, who has already had star subjects like Catherine Deneuve, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlotte Rampling, Nastassja Kinski, Tina Turner, Madonna, Sharon Stone, John Malkovich, Julianne Moore, and Kate Winslet, is shooting Patrick Dempsey in the city where the Hollywood star also lives: Los Angeles The setting chosen for him is Lindbergh's standard black & white look.

Style-defining Titan Minimal Art
Leave out everything that is superfluous, yet still reach what is maximally attainable in design and comfort: When Silhouette presented "Titan Minimal Art" in 1999, its launch was commensurate to a visual revolution - rimless eyewear, free from rims and screws, with an unparalleled low weight of 1.8 grams.

With "Titan Minimal Art - The Icon", Silhouette is showing consistency in continuing its history of creative and innovative top performance. This light, versatile eyewear wins people over with subtle robustness and impressively clear, dynamic design. Powerful and modern, the design of "Titan Minimal Art - The Icon" reflects the lifestyle of people who go through life with curiosity, freedom and lightness, and place a great deal of value on authenticity.

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