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Driversí Vision: New licence declaration

Driversí Vision: New licence declaration but Number Plate test stays

March 2013

New legislation is now in place to protect road users from drivers with poor eyesight, with important provisions to demand drivers take responsibility for their vision standards according to the Optical Confederation.

OC, along with road safety charity Brake and insurance group RSA, met with Lord Attlee and officials last Wednesday to discuss the eye-care provisions of the new Motor Vehicle (Driving Licenses) Amendment Regulations 2013.

The Government reconfirmed its position that they wish to retain the number plate test, however they explained that drivers also need to have visual acuity of 6/12 to drive safely.†

Following the extensive period of consultation, the Government has revised the licence application and renewal forms to include a declaration that the applicant meets the visual standards and has never been advised by an optometrist or doctor that their vision falls below the required standard.

Geoff Roberson, on behalf of the Optical Confederation, continued, ďAll drivers should have their eyes tested regularly and seek professional advice if they have any doubt about their vision.Ē

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