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Two Weeks to National Eye Health Week

Two weeks to go for a campaign to beat sight loss in the UK

September 2013

True we announced the provision of resource packs made available last week by the organisers of NEHW and no doubt PR will noticeably ramped up during the National Eye Health Week commencing in less than 2 weeks, but where are the signs of activity on the high street?

The message is clear there are around 2 million people in the UK with sight loss of which around half could be helped or help themselves by taking an eye examination.

Putting out another statistic there are around 20 million members of the public who have either never had a sight test or are overdue a test.

One wonders how may children will be starting a new school this week with unchecked and possibly poor eye sight which will hold them back at school maybe for much of their school life?

The Optical bodies are to be congratulated in at last encouraging Government to collect vision statistics and use evidence based learning to encourage the population to take care of themselves.† But it is up to all of us , professionals, families and individuals to think about regular eye care.

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