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DoH Funding for Voluntary Organisations

DOH Funding opens to support voluntary organisations that improve health and social care

September 2013

Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb announces the latest funding to help voluntary organisations improve people’s health and well-being.

The latest round of funding to support voluntary and community organisations to improve people’s health and well-being has now opened, the Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb announced last week.

The Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development (IESD) Fund is awarded to voluntary groups that work towards improving the health and well-being of people across England. The money they are awarded goes towards testing and developing new ways of working in the health and social care system that will:

•Improve people’s health and well-being
•Promote improved ways of working to achieve excellent outcomes in health and social care
•Support the health and social care sector to develop sustainable business models for the future

This year the IESD fund will be awarded to voluntary groups that also demonstrate a commitment to some of the current key priorities in the health and care system. These are:

•Personalisation and Choice of Care and Support
•Delivering Better Health and Care Outcomes
•Improving Public Health
•Improving Long-Term Care and Support
•Delivering Safe and Compassionate Care

In the last funding round (2013-14), 49 new projects were recommended for funding under the scheme at a total cost of £5.5 million for the year. These projects are now being implemented across the country, and cover a range of different areas; such as addressing health inequalities in men, increasing levels of physical activity in children and supporting people living with dementia and their carers.

In launching this year’s fund, Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb said: “Voluntary organisations play a vital role in our health and care system – they offer support to people at the most vulnerable points in their lives and help to build stronger relationships between services and the local community. This new round of funding will improve the lives of thousands of people across the UK, helping them to lead healthier and more independent lives. It is crucial that we continue to champion our voluntary organisations, because their expertise allows them to design and develop innovative solutions to the big challenges we face in health, public health and social care.”

One charity that has benefited from the fund is Dementia Adventure CIC, which supports people living with dementia to interact with nature. Dementia Adventure CIC will receive £81,200 during 2013-14, which will be used to recruit, train and support four new full-time project leaders over 3 years.

Director of Dementia Adventure CIC Neil Mapes said:“Receiving a grant from the Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development ‘Natural Leaders’ Programme is enabling Dementia Adventure to expand our delivery of nature based training, consultancy and adventure projects to a range of health & social care and leisure providers. This empowers them to involve the use of nature in their work with people living with dementia and their carers. The benefits to people living with dementia are to live well, have contact and connection with nature and enjoy a sense of adventure, resulting in them being happier, healthier, and confident to lead as full and active life as possible.“
“The work of ‘Natural Leaders’ will reach out to thousands of people living with dementia giving them the assurance that their family, friends, carers and professionals have the practical and emotional support they need.”

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