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Importance of Vision in Later Life

The Importance of Vision in later life

Here we let you know how important it is to keep ones vision adequate in later life

Poor uncorrected vision or loss of sight creates many problems that are exacerbated in the elderly who often rely on self help and gain satisfaction from visual tasks like reading, TV viewing, needlework and knitting. The loss of any of these simple functions is known to create depression and a greater dependency on outside agencies. Put simply people with sight loss lose their sparkle and interact less and less.

Many people continue to drive well into their eighties and beyond and it is in all our interests that they take care of their eye sight.

Our living to a ripe old age brings its challenges and many more defects in vision present themselves as we grow older, but fortunately they can be detected and early treatment will save sight.

Our way of life has recently created further increases in diabetes and suffers are very prone to sight loss if not carefully watched regularly.

Poor eyesight is a main contributor to falls in the home and along the street, which in later life can be extremely serious for long term health and often mean that people are admitted to care homes earlier than perhaps might have been the case.

Finally give a thought to yourself. You may not consider yourself to be in this age group as yet but glaucoma, cataracts and AMD can strike early, and now we must work longer towards pensionable age it is important that we stay visually able to do our work. So help yourself whilst you help us help others.

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