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Entitlements and Help

Entitlements and Help when requesting a sight test

Here we explain what the public are entitled to in eye care, and identify those who can get extra help in buying specs.

If an eye test has been taken in the last two years your optician will have told you when to return, either in two years or less unless you are worried about a sudden loss of vision or discomfort.
If a letter has been received from him you need to make an appointment and if itís over two years since the last test you need to make one now.

How often should I have a test? Find out here:

Eye tests for the over 60s are free in England, Wales and N Ireland as are all eye exams in Scotland, currently.

For those who have close relatives, (daughter, son. brother, sister) diagnosed with possible glaucoma by an ophthalmologist they are also free to all over 40 years old.

If you are receiving income support or other forms of government help (Job seekers allowance etc) you may be eligible for help towards the cost of your glasses.

For further details go to:

If you cannot make it to an optician you can arrange an appointment with a Home Testing Service registered within your locality to provide the service under the NHS. (Domiciliary Services)

You can use this site to find out the contact information of optical practices within your area.

You can also locate optical businesses that provide home testing services by clicking here.

For further information about NHS Entitlements click here

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