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NEHW - How You Can Make a Difference

National Eye Health Week 2015 - How You Can Make a Difference Sept 21 to Sept 27

We want you, the public, to help us in our quest to save the sight and improve the vision of those who do not realise the importance of regular eye care, or feel they are excluded by access or finance.

Many of us come into contact with older people every day but never give their vision a second thought. Whilst hearing problems are easily noticed, loss of vision can go undetected even by the person with the problem!

We donít really want you to wait until you discover someoneís loss of vision though; we want you to get involved by having a discussion with friends or family about how long it is since they have been examined by an optician.

Even good vision can easily disguise the fact that sight threatening disorders are hidden in the background and often people forget that the spectacles they are wearing may have been obtained over the counter and not after a full eye examination.

In hospitals and care homes many wearers have been confused as to what glasses are for reading or distance and often carers are not aware that two pairs even exist so there are many questions you can ask and much you can do to improve peopleís vision.

Firstly then you need to ask the most important question, when did you last have a proper sight test? Many will not remember which most likely means itís much longer ago than 2 years. Two years is the maximum time between an appointment unless the optician requested them to return in lesser time.

The eye examination is the all important goal for it is this procedure that will spot forthcoming eye problems that can be cured or halted in their tracks.

Many people believe wrongly that their vision cannot be improved, but this is unlikely and more importantly what vision they have can be protected by an eye test.

Consider who you come into contact with from time to time, in clubs, church or other meeting places. Think about your older relatives over 60years old and ask the question. Call them by phone or make a point to visit them.

Many people with poor sight are physically or mentally disabled so they may need a home visit or assistance it getting to a chosen optician, and will probably need you to help them to book the appointment. Once you have made the first contact remember to check that action has been taken.

Poor sight produces depression and boredom in the home, a lack of interaction and a withdrawal from activities and travel and possible falls in the home and institutionalisation.

Every bit you can do to help in our campaign will provide rich rewards, donít let your friends lose their sight needlessly.

Children can be encouraged to survey their grand parents and elderly acquaintances in a classroom context helping them understand surveys, polling and statistics.

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